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DANDI command line client to facilitate common operations
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DANDI Client

This repository is under heavy development. Check-in later.


Assuming that you have python3 (and virtualenv) installed, the fastest way to establish yourself a development environment (or a sample deployment), is via virtualenv:

git clone \
    && cd dandi-cli \
    &&  virtualenv --system-site-packages --python=python3 venvs/dev3 \
    && source venvs/dev3/bin/activate \
    && pip install -e .

Install and activate precommit

Install pre-commit dependency with pip install pre-commit

In the source directory

pre-commit install

3rd party components included


From, as of 7bd759ecf88f836ece6cdbcf7ce1074260c0c5ef Copyright (c) 2019 Eric Wieser, MIT/Expat licensed.

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