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To get project running...
make sure that Sphinx is installed. I used the instructions at
make sure that the prawn gem is install
-- sudo gem install prawn
attachment_fu is used so you'll need to make sure you have the appropriate image processor installed (ImageScience, Rmagick or MiniMagick)
After running 'rake db:migrate' and starting the server you'll be able to signup.
The app doesn't have an smtp server configured so the easiest way to to 'activate' your
sample account is to view the log and just copy and paste the activation url.
The search function uses thinking_sphinx to search, and needs to have an index before
it will work. After there is some sample data in the database, run 'rake thinking_sphinx:index'
to generate the index and then 'rake thinking_sphinx:start' to get sphinx started.
This app would ideally have a cron job to regenerate the index, but is not really
necessary because of the scope of the app. Just stop thinking_sphinx with 'rake thinking_sphinx:stop',
re-run the index command and restart thinking_sphinx after adding any other data.
The feature I added is the ability to download all notebook information as a pdf.
I chose to add this because its a nice extension of the lab notebook idea and would
allow any researcher to download and print out their work done online and have a
hard copy of it just like if they were using a paper notebook.
There is still room for improvement, cleaning up and not all administrative functions are complete
or secure, but I think because of the nature of this assignment, what I have completed so far will give
you a good idea of my coding abilities.