This will convert a magnet link into a .torrent file
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Install python-libtorrent on Fedora
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A command line tool that converts magnet links in to .torrent files.

This project is mostly abandoned. I will still merge most pull requests.


  • python
  • python-libtorrent (libtorrent-rasterbar version 0.16 or later)

Install python-libtorrent on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install python-libtorrent -y

Install python-libtorrent on macOS

brew install libtorrent-rasterbar --with-python

Install python-libtorrent on Fedora

sudo dnf install rb_libtorrent-python2

How to Use

python <magnet link> [torrent file]


python -m "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:49fbd26322960d982da855c54e36df19ad3113b8&dn=ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso&" -o ubunut12-04.iso


All code is licensed under the GPL version 3