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This project is a Javascript assembler, emulator and debugger for the DCPU-16 processor.


The DCPU-16 assembler supports all op codes defined in the DCPU-16 version 1.7 specification. Basic assembly syntax and expressions can be used.

  • Use a : to define a label. Forward labels can be referenced.
  • Use a ; to create a comment.
  • Expressions can be used, as long as they evaluate to a numeric literal. Labels can be used in expressions.
  • The following operators can be used in expressions: +, -, *, /, %, &, |, ^, << and >>.
  • Data blocks can be created with the DAT keywprd. Data blocks can contain a combination of comma seprated numeric values and strings (surrounded in double quotes).

To use the assembler include javascript/assembler.js. The following functions are exposed:


Accepts a string of assembly code and returns a compiled Listing object (see below).


Accepts an array of tokenized lines (an array of arrays of Token objects, one array for each line of assembly) and returns a compiled Listing object (see below).


Accepts a string of assembly code and returns a TokenizerResult object (see below).

Listing object

Listing {
	ListingLine[] lines // an array of ListingLine objects, one for each line of assembly
	AssemblyError[] errors // an array of AssemblyError objects
	byte[] bytecode()	// returns an array of bytes of the entire program
	String bytecodeText() 	// returns a string representation of the program bytes
	String htmlFormat()	// returns a formatted HTML representation of the Listing

ListingLine object

ListingLine {
	Integer offset	// the offset of the listing line in the program
	Token[] tokens	// an array of Token objects for this line of the listing
	byte[] bytecode	// the compiled output of the line of the listing

TokenizerResult object

TokenizerResult {
	Token[][] lines // an array of arrays of Token objects, one for each line of assembly
	errors[] // an array of AssemblyError objects

Token object

Token {
	String type // the token type (see below for list of types)
	String lexeme // the value of the token

AssemblyError object

AssemblyError {
	String message // a human readable error message
	Integer line // the line the error occurred on

The list of token types is as follows:

  • comment
  • hexidecimal
  • decimal
  • string
  • label_def
  • reserved_word
  • command (all op codes)
  • register
  • label_ref
  • open_bracket
  • close_bracket
  • comma
  • operator
  • space






  • Support for RESERVE keyword and #defines in assembler
  • better error messages for assembly exceptions
  • load code from POST body
  • set breakpoints in editor


Special thanks to the following libraries that helped me put this together.


A DCPU-16 emulator and assembler written in Javascript




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