PHP library allowing efficient collection of arbitrary line-level stats about function-call sites into a particular class or method. Record your cache hit ratios Yo!
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A php trait that allows easy collection of arbitrary line-level stats about function calls into a class in a production environment.

Intially created to measure memcache hit / miss ratio on a per-call-site basis, but can be used to measure anything.


Imagine you have a simple class for accessing your cache layer:

class Cache {
   public function get($key) {

Add the following to measure hit-rates on a per-call-site basis:

class Cache {
   use CallSiteStats
   // Needed to record call-sites outside of this file
   protected function isExternalCallSite($file) {
      return $file != __FILE__;
   public function get($key) {
     $this->recordCallSite($gets = 1, $cacheHit ? 1 : 0);

Use your class like you normally would:

// test.php
$cache = new Cache();
$value = $cache->get("cachedkey");
$value = $cache->get("missingkey");

// The sometime later:
file_put_contents('cache-gets', $cache->getCallSiteStats(), FILE_APPEND);

See the results:

$> cat cache-gets
test.php:3 1 1
test.php:4 1 0

This information can help you adjust cache times or determine if caching is even worth it.


Once you've run the code for a bit, you'll end up with a large file that looks like this:

/path/to/file.php:21 arg1 arg2
/path/to/file.php:21 arg1 arg2
/path/to/other.php:37 arg1 arg2

call-site-stats includes tools to reduce and summarize this data to useful statistics about each call site.

For hit / get ratios specify two columns

$ summarize -f stats.dat --ratio=1:2
/path/to/file.php:21 31/90=30%
/path/to/other.php:21 413/432=96%

For in-depth stats specify one column

$ summarize -f stats.dat --stats=1
/path/to/file.php:21 min:0 max:13 avg:7.2 std:2.1
/path/to/other.php:21 min:2 max:93 avg:38 std:3.7