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= Tinymce Filter =

This extension provides a TinyMCE filter for the Radiant CMS. It allows you to edit the content of your pages in the TinyMCE editor.

Based on the plugin by Brandalism.

== Installation ==

  # Put the javascript/extensions/tinymce folder in the public folder of your Radiant installation:

svn checkout public/javascripts/extensions/tinymce

  # Copy the tinymce_filter folder to your vendor/extensions folder

svn checkout vendor/extensions/tinymce_filter

  # By default, TinyMCE will look for a /stylesheets/content.css file to use in the editor. If you want to add your own styling to the editor, you can create this file. Radiant code will automatically get a class name. Add the following CSS to your content.css file:

.mceItemRadiantCode { 
  background: url('../javascripts/extensions/tiny_mce/plugins/codeprotect/images/radiant-code.png') no-repeat; 
  height: 18px;
  border: none;

== Settings ==

If you want to change the settings of the editor, you can do this by editing the 'tiny_mce_settings.js' file. The 'codeprotect' plugin is used to protect the Radiant tags from being edited within the editor.

- Edwin Vlieg