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#DORM, the "Delphi ORM" Delphi ORM (DORM for short) is a powerful ORM for Delphi. It is quite robust and tested because used since 2010 in production for many business critical systems.


  • Open Source Apache License 2.0
  • Database agnostic (Do not require database changes!)
  • Has one, has many and belongs to relations support
  • Mapping through file, attributes or CoC
  • Save and retrieve objects graph, not only single objects
  • External (file) or internal (resource, json stream) configuration
  • Interfaces based!
  • Supports for
  • FirebirdSQL (using UIB)
  • Interbase (using UIB)
  • SQLServer (using FireDAC driver)
  • SQLite3 (using this SQLite3 wrapper)
  • Event based validation (OnBeforeInsert, ObAfterInsert, OnBeforeUpdate, OnAfterUpdate and so on)
  • Persistence ignorance
  • Object Versioning
  • Object Tracking
  • Can persists everythig!
  • Used for years in big (hundred of tables with complex logic) 3tier systems and in many other smaller systems
  • Very good performances
  • Completely Unit tested
  • Multiple environments
  • Development
  • Test
  • Production
  • Lazy Load for related objects
  • Rudimental support for null (currently only in the FIREBIRD and in the MSSQLServer persistence adapter)
  • Fluent interfaces for queries
  • Unit Of Work for multiple operations
  • Use anon methods and generics
  • Tested on Delphi 10Seattle, XE8, XE7, XE6, XE5, XE4, XE3 and XE2 (Win32)

Little introduction to dorm is available here as PDF. To understand how dorm works, please check the HelloWorldSamples.groupproj project group into the folder Samples/<YOUR DELPHI VERSION>.