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Ok, I just tagged 1.0. Roadmap is as follows:

  1. Switch to using a hidden field for holding the data after initialization
  2. Bring back the forceMatch option, or some variant of it(combined with 1 allowing traditional combobox functionality)
  3. Update to latest bootstrap and refactor to take advantage of improvements in typeahead

Anything on your wishlist? Let me know if you have other things you'd like. I'll be starting a 1.1-wip branch here shortly to bring in these features.


documentation would be nice thing to have :)
also support for ajax matcher would be good, ie async maxher or something similar.


Support for the 'multiple' attribute on the original select would be good. So as you select the combobox moves below to allow a new selection, leaving the previous as a combobox in the [X] state. The whole thing could be implemented in the form with a hidden field with name="name[]" appended.


We won't be supporting multi-select here. Chosen( does that better than we could.


How about optiongroup support?


For those interesting, 1.1-wip is underway. It's there as a branch, is updated to 2.3 and uses a hidden field for it's form value and hides the select(ie, will work properly with mobile). Still a few more things to implement but that branch is there for people to look at.


I just released 1.1.0. It does not include the forceMatch option(feature 2 from above), but it incorporates the rest of the requests and works well with the latest bootstrap.

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