Generates a change log for maven projects using git
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This plugin allows the creation of text and HTML changelogs based on the git log. During the Maven packaging phase this plugin can generate plaintext and HTML reports showing all the commits (with tags) from the local git repository. These text files can then be sent to a web server or included during packaging.

Using as a reporting plugin (with maven 3.1+), the site generation will include the generated gitlog. In this case, the outputDirectory parameter can not be set.

Note: when using together with the reporting plugin named changelog, it is advised to change the simpleHTMLChangeLogFilename parameter to gitlog.html.

Usage instructions and Documentation

See the Maven Gitlog Plugin documentation for usage and more information.

Merge Log Only

For release notes with only merged branches.

                        <excludeCommitsPattern>^(?!Merge branch.*).*$</excludeCommitsPattern>

AsciiDoc Table View and special title hierarchy

For release notes with only merged branches.