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This is a real-time heart-beat monitoring application intended for use with a raspberry-pi 3 and a Polar H7 heart-beat sensor. Heart beats are recorded using the script into a txt file and these values are then read and graphed in realtime by the Lazarus application hb_project.

To run this application make sure you intall tendo using pip:

sudo pip install tendo

then bluepy directly from git (installing directly from pip can lead to some issues):

sudo pip install git+

after this edit your autostart script by using this command:

sudo nano /home/pi/.config/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart

then add the following two lines to the file:

@python /home/pi/HB_PORJECT/ @/home/pi/HB_PROJECT/hb_project

Next time you start your raspberry pi the heartbeat recording scripts and GUI will automatically start. I tested this using a simple 3.5' TFT screen ( But it should work with other similar screens as well. Other heart-beat sensors should also work provided they comply with the heart-beat bluetooth sensor standard.

To modify the heartbeat monitoring GUI you should first install Lazarus:

sudo apt-get install Lazarus

Then open up the hb_project.lpi file within the Lazarus IDE.


A realtime heart-beat monitoring implementation for the raspberry pi using python and FreePascal. Tested using the Polar H7 heart-beat sensor.



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