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Docker fully implemented Multi User xrdp with xorgxrdp and pulseaudio on Ubuntu 16.04/18.04
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Ubuntu 18.04/16.04 Multi User Remote Desktop Server

Fully implemented Multi User xrdp with xorgxrdp and pulseaudio on Ubuntu 16.04/18.04. Copy/Paste and sound is working. Users can re-login in the same session. Xfce4, Firefox are pre installed.


danielguerra/ubuntu-xrdp:16.04 danielguerra/ubuntu-xrdp:18.04 or latest


Start the rdp server (WARNING: use the --shm-size 1g or firefox/chrome will crash)

docker run -d --name uxrdp --hostname terminalserver --shm-size 1g -p 3389:3389 -p 2222:22 danielguerra/ubuntu-xrdp

*note if you already use a rdp server on 3389 change -p :3389 -p 2222:22 is for ssh access ( ssh -p 2222 ubuntu@ )

Connect with your remote desktop client to the docker server. Use the Xorg session (leave as it is), user and pass.

Sample user

There is a sample user with sudo rights

Username: ubuntu Password: ubuntu

You can set a PASSWORDHASH

First create a password hash

openssl passwd -1 'newpassword'

Run the xrdp container with your hash

docker run -d -e PASSWORDHASH='$1$Cm8EQjXg$7dJeRsw6TLvgxsl3.pBRZ1'

You can change your password in the rdp session in a terminal


Add new users

No configuration is needed for new users just do

docker exec -ti uxrdp adduser mynewuser

After this the new user can login

Add new services

To make sure all processes are working supervisor is installed. The location for services to start is /etc/supervisor/conf.d

Example: Add mysql as a service

apt-get -yy install mysql-server
echo "[program:mysqld] \
command= /usr/sbin/mysqld \
user=mysql \
autorestart=true \
priority=100" > /etc/supervisor/conf.d/mysql.conf
supervisorctl update


This image uses two volumes:

  1. /etc/ssh/ holds the sshd host keys and config
  2. /home/ holds the ubuntu/ default user home directory

When bind-mounting /home/, make sure it contains a folder ubuntu/ with proper permission, otherwise no login will be possible.

mkdir -p ubuntu
chown 999:999 ubuntu

Installing additional packages during build

The Dockerfile has support for the build argument ADDITIONAL_PACKAGES to install additional packages during build. Either pass it with --build-arg during docker build or add it as args in your docker-compose.override.yml and run docker-compose build.

To run with docker-compose

git clone
cd ubuntu-xrdp/
vi docker-compose.override.yml # if you want to override any default value
docker-compose up -d
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