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Serverless URL Shortener

A lightweight URL shortener built with the Serverless Framework using AWS Lambda and S3. Each URL redirection is stored as an S3 object with the Website-Redirect-Location metadata key set to the forwarding web address. AWS Lambda is used to create an API to save these objects. The website is served from the same S3 bucket.



Install dependencies

Head on over to the Serverless Framework docs and run through their quick-start guide. It’s mentioned in there as part of your setup, but be sure to install the AWS CLI and configure your AWS credentials. Then run npm install to get the NPM dependencies for the project.

Add config

Create a copy of config.sample.json as config.json and then customise as appropriate for your setup.

Name Description Required
BUCKET The S3 bucket name to use. This will form part of the URL shortener website address if you're not using a custom domain. Y
S3_PARTITION The S3 partition to use. Y
REGION The AWS region to deploy to. Y
STAGE The AWS stage to deploy to. Y
API_ENDPOINT_TYPE The API Gateway endpoint type to use. Y
API_URL The URL of the endpoint that forms should be sent to. This is only known after the first deployment, so leave empty for now. Y

Deploy API

Run npm run deploy:serverless to deploy the API to AWS. The resources defined in serverless.yml will be automatically instantiated using CloudFormation. You should copy the URL of the returned endpoint to API_URL in config.json.

Build template

Run npm run build to set the form action on the website template to API_URL from config.json.

Deploy website

Run npm run deploy:static to deploy the website using the AWS CLI.

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