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Color Scheme/Plugin for editors implementing this idea #1

varemenos opened this Issue · 9 comments

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Someone should try make a color scheme for editors (Sublime Text 2, Textmate, Coda, etc) with this idea.
It would be great to be able to switch to the JS-Scope color scheme to make sure everything you wrote is properly scoped.

alternative solution

Kinda relevant discussion & brainstorming


+1 on that!


+1 for sublime :)


+1 for Sublime!


Alternative idea (and possibly a more realistic solution):

I'm not sure how this can be implemented as a color scheme. I guess a better idea would be to make it a plugin and have a shortcut to toggle between color-scope and syntax highlighting.


This should be able to be toggled easily


Ctrl+Shift+O - switch off the scope coloring mode. (Command "Levels: off). P.S. if you have an issue on SublimeText plugin - post your issue at the plugin repository.


@mazurov Awesome, Thanks!


I like it!

@daniellmb daniellmb closed this
This was referenced
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