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LanguageTool for oXygen

NOTE: this add-on is currently not maintained anymore

A LanguageTool plugin for oXygen XML Author.

Download and Install

  • oXygen:
  • Without installing LanguageTool - this might be okay for you if you just want to test the plugin:
    • In oXygen, go to Options -> Preferences... and on the LanguageTool Plugin page, check Use internet server
    • Limitations: slower performance; will only work on short texts (about 15KB) and on texts where checking takes less than 10 seconds; will send your texts over an encrypted connection to a LanguageTool server on the internet (see our privacy policy)
  • With installing LanguageTool:
    • Start the LanguageTool stand-alone version.
    • Go to Text Checking -> Options...
    • Select Run as server on port 8081 and Use above settings for the server and click OK


Load an XML file and click the LanguageTool Check button or press Ctrl + Shift + Return. Errors detected by LanguageTool will become highlighted. Click the right mouse button on an error to get an error message and, for some errors, a list of corrections.

If something doesn't work, please start oXygen from the command line and see if you get any error messages there. Submit a bug report if you have problems.

Known Limitations

  • Basically, it simply checks anything not inside XML tags. As the logic for text extraction is different in Author mode and Text mode, this can sometimes lead to different error messages in both modes.
  • Does not work in Grid view.
  • Supports only one language per document. If it doesn't find a lang or xml:lang attribute, it uses the default language configured for the spell checker.
  • There's no "ignore" option for individual errors.
  • In Text mode:
    • Will not properly work on XML that is not well-formed
    • Entities are not expanded
  • Checking long texts might take long. With checks that take longer than roughly 30 seconds, a timeout error will occur.
  • Only tested with oXygen 18.1.


Building the source code requires Java 8 or later, Maven, and your .m2/settings.xml to be set up as described here. Call mvn package, then unzip the resulting target/oxygen-languagetool-plugin-(...)-plugin.jar to a sub-directory of your oXygen's plugins directory and restart oXygen. You'll also need to manually copy the library dependencies to the lib directory.

The LanguageTool wiki contains internal release documentation.

Thanks to oXygen XML for providing me with a free license.

oXygen XML editor


  • use to deploy and test locally
  • make sure the libs in plugin.xml are still correct
  • update version number in extension.xml
  • update version number in pom.xml
  • add a <xt:extension> section in extensions.xml with the new version number and filename
  • update Changelog section below
  • zip the languagetool directory in the plugins directory and call it …jar (as referenced from extensions.xml): cd oxygen/plugins && zip -r oxygen-languagetool-plugin-1.X-plugin.jar languagetool/
  • upload the JAR at github

This process doesn't sign the JAR properly, though :-(


  • version 1.3 (2017-02-23):
    • fixed loading the configuration file: XML Author, XML Editor, and XML Developer configuration files are now considered, depending on the currently running application
  • version 1.2 (2017-02-20):
    • fixed a bug that caused using the configuration file of an old oXygen version
  • version 1.1 (2016-06-21):
    • support and require LanguageTool's new JSON API (requires LanguageTool 3.4 or later)
    • the popup menu over errors now replaces the oXygen entries and only shows the error and corrections
    • works with Java 1.8 or later
  • version 1.0.0 (2015-04-16):
    • LanguageTool server can be configured at Options -> Preferences... -> Plugins
    • no more on-the-fly checking while typing
    • added Ctrl + Shift + Return as a shortcut to start the check
    • uses the first lang or xml:lang attribute to detect the document language, if none is found, it uses the default language
    • checking text now works properly for nested XML tags in Author mode
    • checking text now also works in text mode
    • error marker colors are loaded from .languagetool.cfg in your home directory, if set there with e.g. errorColors=style:#ffb8b8, typographical:#b8b8ff
    • fixes for texts with special characters
    • works with Java 1.6
    • several cleanups
  • version 2014-06-02:
    • first snapshot release


LanguageTool plugin for the Oxygen XML editor







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