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A block template for Moodle based on
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Moodle Block Template

This is a template for Moodle blocks.

It is used by Moosh ( to generate new block plugins.

  • This template assumes that the block is using a textual content type by default. If you want your block to display a list of items (using $this->content->items and $this->content->icons instead of $this->content->text), change the derived class of the block, from extends block_base to extends block_list. For more information:

  • Go to Settings > Site Administration > Development > XMLDB editor and modify the module's tables.

  • Modify version.php and set the initial version of you module.

  • Visit Settings > Site Administration > Notifications, you should find the module's tables successfully created

  • Go to Site Administration > Plugins > Blocks > Manage blocks and you should find that this newblock has been added to the list of installed modules.

  • You may now proceed to run your own code in an attempt to develop your module. You will probably want to modify block_newmodule.php and edit_form.php as a first step. Check db/access.php to add capabilities.

We encourage you to share your code and experience - visit

Good luck!

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