Fight to the death with JS Robots! A JavaScript programming game.
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JS Robots

What is it?

It's a JavaScript programming game where you battle with robots! You must program your own robot using the provided API. It is my JavaScript reimagining of the seminal CROBOTS by Tom Poindexter way back in the eighties. (Robocode is also influenced by CROBOTS by the way.)

See it live at

What does it need to run?

I've packaged it to run locally from your browser's File --> Open or file:// in the address bar. So all you'll need is a browser. Preferably with JavaScript ;-)

What's hot?

  • Graphical representation of the robots battling it out
  • Have fun creating a killer robot
  • Can learn rudimentary game logic / loops
  • 日本語版のユーザインタフェースもあります (also with Japanese UI)

What's not?

  • No proper timeslicing or virtual machine means that cheating is possible :-(
  • It is crying out to be rewritten using HTML5 canvas for the graphics.
  • Could do with some instructions on the home page
  • UI could be better