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A driver for Laravel Valet that supports the default Trellis install.
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A driver for Laravel Valet or Valet Linux that supports the default Trellis/Bedrock install.


Download TrellisValetDriver.php and place it in your ~/.config/valet/Drivers folder. Now your Trellis/Bedrock folders will display correctly - no configuration required.

This assumes your Trellis directory structure looks like:

example/      # → Root folder for the project
├── trellis/      # → Your clone of this repository
└── site/         # → A Bedrock-based WordPress site
    └── web/
        ├── app/  # → WordPress content directory (themes, plugins, etc.)
        └── wp/   # → WordPress core (don't touch!)

If you're migrating from Trellis, you'll need to create a site/.env file. See here for more information. TangRufus has written Enveigle which creates site/.env file from the settings in your /trellis/group_vars/ directory.

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