A library to turn Django custom management commands into well-behaved initd daemons.
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There are a number of libraries around to manage daemonizing in Python, and 
Django even includes an implementation (in `django.utils.daemonize`). However 
a much more tricky thing to get right is proper management of the daemon 
process itself.

The important parts of such a process are these:

    * it comes up automatically on server startup
    * it logs errors and information to a named location, which is configurable
    * if the process dies, it restarts itself straight away 

This library builds on the Initd module from Michael Andreas Dagitses to use
Django's daemonize code, and making it easy to call this from a custom 
management command.


Subclass the daemon_command.DaemonCommand class in your custom Django 
management command (yourapp/management/command/yourcommand.py). Within your
subclass, override the `loop_callback` method with the code the daemon process 
should run. Optionally, override `exit_callback` with code to run when the 
process is stopped.

Alternatively, if your code has more complex setup/shutdown requirements,
override `handle_noargs`, remembering to call the initd code:

    daemon = Initd(**options)
    daemon.execute(action, run=self.loop_callback, exit=self.exit_callback)

Run the command as normal, but pass one of --start, --stop or --restart to 
work as a daemon. Otherwise, the command will run as a standard application.