Public backup for my computer settings.
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My current dotfiles setup. I try to keep the configuration of the OS I use in sync. This setup has been tested to work on Arch Linux, Ubuntu, OS X and some MSYS/Windows applications.


Clone this repository in a location such as ~/.dotfiles. Then, enter the just cloned repository and start stowing the packages that you want.

git clone git:// ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
stow zsh
stow openbox
stow tmux

Note that stow zsh works because there is a directory named zsh at ~/.dotfiles and because the parent directory for ~/.dotfiles/ is $HOME. If you are cloning this repository into a different location you will need to change the target directory or you will get these dotfiles linked at wrong locations.


Most of the packages have the name of the application they are used by, such as atom, bash or zsh and they don't need further explanation. However, there are a few special packages:

  • osx: special settings for MacOS X.
  • powershell: special settings for Windows (PowerShell).
  • ubuntu: special settings for Ubuntu based systems.
  • windows: special settings for Windows (Cygwin / MSYS-NT).


Please note that the settings provided by this repository are highly opinionated and designed to fit my needs. I don't recommend nobody to stick with my settings. My suggestion on the use of this repository is to take it as a framework for setting your own dotfiles.

The contents of this repository are provided AS IS with no warranties. I'm not responsible if you break your computer, lose your local settings or do anything wrong because of running the wrong script or executing the wrong command.