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Demo: Darkstrap vs. Bootstrap

Darkstrap (v0.9.3)

Made by danneu.

A dark theme for Twitter Bootstrap 3.


  • Download darkstrap.css

  • Place it in your stylesheet directory

  • Include it after you load bootstrap.css

Ideas behind the design

  1. Invert the colors of Twitter Bootstrap.

    screenshot of navbars

  2. Make .well look awesome.

    screenshot of a .well

  3. Integrate the darkstrap .well into other components.

    screenshot of a darkstrap form


I'm always open to feedback and ideas.

I'm not a designer and I didn't do much testing on anything other than my screen with my eyes.

Since I don't actually use Darkstrap in a project of my own anymore, I'm open to suggestions from the people that do.

Feel free to create a Github Issue or just email me.