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Digital museum for PSX 3D models (just .TMD for now), built with JavaScript and WebGL/Three.js
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Polytron Museum

Build Status

Polytron is a side project I worked on during the last year. I'd like to imagine it as a digital museum for PSX 3D models, but actually, it was just an attempt to render Resident Evil 3D models using JavaScript and client-side web technologies.

This project has been inspired by the great Phoboslab's Reverse Engineering Wipeout for PSX.


The first stage of the development was the toughest, because I wanted to find a format not yet decoded in JS that wasn't a total pain to decode.

So I decided to go for .TMD, that was a quite popular format used to store 3D models for the PSX.

The first attempt was beautiful. A total mess:

But gradually the renders started looking better:


The main technologies behind the project are WebGL/Three.js for 3D rendering and React.


You're welcome to contribute to the project.

Dig the Issues section and pick one of the open tasks or simply create a new one.

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