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This is a starter WordPress theme for DEVELOPERS using Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.6.

A lot of folks have been saying that there isn't a good theme out there for developers as most themes are trying to cater to the average Joe. Many available themes (even starter themes) are all full of bloated shortcodes and frameworks that make zero sense. This is my answer to that. I was very pleased with my 2.3.2 version so here is to a bright future using 3.x.

[Documentation / Demo] (

[] (

[Community Forum] ( for support, tips and a showcase of projects.

Available Child Themes

These are drop in child themes created specifically to run on top of DevDmBootstrap3.

Swatcher v1.3

Download / Demo and Documentation



With “Swatcher” I’ve incorporated all 16 Bootswatch themes. You can easily switch between them with the WordPress theme customizer. This gives you the ability to rapidly transform any DevDmBootstrap3 project into something fresh and new within minutes. Check out the website for a demo documentation about all of the NEW tools available to you. We are really pushing the limits of the Theme Customizer here and I am excited for it!

Swatcher is an elaborate example of what can be accomplished with WordPress child themes and a little elbow grease.

'cleanblog' v1.5



The 'cleanblog' child theme introduces a few different features that can turn your DevDmBootstrap3 enabled theme into a nice clean blog style. It also incorporates many of the features that DevDmBootstrap3 users have asked me about implementing over the last year. To see a demo of it in action visit

Copyrights and License Information for theme resources

  • i) DevDmBootstrap3 uses elements from the Twitter Bootstrap Framework, which is under The MIT License (MIT).
  • ii) DevDmBootstrap3 uses the GLPHYICONS Halflings included in the Twitter Bootstrap Framework, which is under the Apache v2 license.
  • iii) DevDmBootstrap3 uses Edward McIntyre’s wp_boot_strap_navwalker GPL v3.

Everything else used in this theme (including the screenshot.png) has been created by me (Danny Machal), especially for the DevDmBootstrap3 theme and is distributed under GPL v3 license.


Twitter Bootstrap 3 WordPress Starter Theme for Developers



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