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openFrameworks examples for the EDP Creative Coding class @ the University of Denver.

2016 Dan Wilcox <>


You can download this repository as a .zip file using the "Download ZIP" button.

If you have git set up, you can clone this repo using:

git clone

The resulting "CreativeCodingExamples" folder should be placed within the openFrameworks/apps folder.

Generating Project Files

These examples do not come with the project files pre-generated. You will need to use the OF ProjectGenerator to create them for each example (you should only need to do this once).

To (re)generate project files for an existing project:

  • click the "Import" button in the ProjectGenerator
  • navigate the to base folder for the project ie. "Bounce"
  • click the "Update" button

If everything went OK, you should now be able to open the generated project and build/run the example.


Animate: playback an animation by loading and displaying individual frames

AttractRepel: movers are either attracted to or repelled by the mouse

Blobs: blob tracking using OpenCV with persistent ids between frames

Bounce: bounce a circle (or rectangle) around the screen

Brightest: search for brightest pixel in camera frames

Draw: simple drawing program using the mouse and keyboard

DrawOSC: draw on each other's screen using OSC (Open Sound Control

Easing: move circles horizontally towards a target x position using an easing calculation

Follow: move a circle towards a target using easing movement calculations

GameState: game state control using classes and a current state pointer

Gravity: simulate gravity to bounce a circle using vector math for velocity and acceleration

Noise: movement animation using Perlin noise

OscEvents: send & receive mouse & keyboard events over OSC (Open Sound Control)

Particles: a small particle system using a class & pointers to avoid copying

Pixels: draw an image manually using it's pixel data

SinCos: movement animation using the sine & cosine functions

Typewriter: type into a string buffer using std::set to keep track of the keys being held down

Web: a small particle system visualization using a class & vector


openFrameworks examples for the EDP Creative Coding class @ the University of Denver






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