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Todooo is a super simple list management REPL which allows you to create and manage lists of data easily. Everyone has their own style of working with lists and this is my preferred style of doing so.

Currently, all lists will exist in the ~/.todooo/ directory and will be stored as .txt files meaning they can be edited outside of the application if you want.


Installation can be done via PyPI and it's suggested to install globally.

pip install todooo-cli


Todooo works simply by typing todooo from the terminal. However you can preload an existing list into the shell by using the --use flag with the command like so:

todooo --use <LIST NAME>

Once inside the application, you have the following options:

Command Description Arguments
add Add a new item to the current list (ITEM CONTENT)
del Delete an item from the current list (ITEM ID)
exit Exit the application -
help Show the command menu -
lists Show all available lists -
move Move an item in the current list (FROM ITEM ID) (TO ITEM ID)
new Create a new list (LIST NAME)
replace Replace an item in the current list with another (ITEM ID) (NEW ITEM CONTENT)
rmlist Remove an existing list (LIST NAME)
show Show the current list items -
use Set the current list (LIST NAME)