Dygraphs ES6 import demonstration
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Dygraphs ES6 demonstration

This repo demonstrates how you can use dygraphs with the webpack or rollup module bundlers.

To get going, clone this repo and run:

npm install

Then open index.html in a browser. You should see a chart.

Alternatively, you can use rollup to generate the bundle:

./node_modules/.bin/rollup -c

And modify index.html to source main.rollup.js.

How this works

The entry point is index.js:

import Dygraph from 'dygraphs';

// or, if you don't want to use ES6 imports:
// const Dygraph = require('dygraphs');

const g = new Dygraph('graph',
`, {
  fillGraph: true

Running rollup or webpack generates a bundle which includes the full dygraphs source:

$ ls -lh lib
  411K main.js
  477K main.js.map
  371K main.rollup.js
  666K main.rollup.js.map

Production code

The version of dygraphs that gets built this way is a development version. It includes checks which help you catch errors but which will slow you down in production.

To get the production version, make sure you set NODE_ENV=production and minify your code.