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timeout event, and timeout option implemented. added docs & example #130

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I was serially testing GET's on a million websites, and gradually came across my test app stalling with the same pattern.

It turned out that restler has/had no option for timeout. This is a show-stopper for large/production scenarios.

eg: The following code, stalls forever, without throwing an error or

  rest.get('').on('complete', function(){ 
    console.log('never entered here');

infact it did not emit any known events either. namely error or abort.

 rest.get('').on('error' function(ms){
   sys.puts('neither found an error');
  }).on('abort' function(ms){
   sys.puts('nor an abort');
   sys.puts('never reached here either');

I also saw previous mentions requesting timeout feature for restler.
eg: #3 one of the oldest open bugs/issues.

So i went ahead, forked and fixed this.

My commit includes :

  • added the 'timeout' event
  • added the {timeout:Ms} option
  • added documentation for timeout
  • added an example for timeout

Here's an example.

 rest.get('',{timeout: 10000}).on('timeout' function(ms){
   sys.puts('did not return within '+ms+' ms');
   sys.puts('life goes on');

Will love to see this reviewed for a possible merge.

~Bosky @bhaskerkode






I'm happy to merge this with some tests. Any chance you could knock some up?

@easternbloc easternbloc merged commit 0ca56f7 into danwrong:master
@easternbloc easternbloc referenced this pull request

Feature/timeout tests #144

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Showing with 29 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +8 −0
  2. +21 −0 lib/restler.js
@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ Basic method to make a request of any type. The function returns a RestRequest o
* `fail: function(data, response)` - emitted when the request was successful, but 4xx status code returned. Gets passed the response data and the response object as arguments.
* `error: function(err, response)` - emitted when some errors have occurred (eg. connection aborted, parse, encoding, decoding failed or some other unhandled errors). Gets passed the `Error` object and the response object (when available) as arguments.
* `abort: function()` - emitted when `request.abort()` is called.
+* `timeout: function(ms)` - when a request takes more than the timeout option eg: {timeout:5000}, the request will be aborted. error and abort events will not be called, instead timeout will be emitted.
* `2XX`, `3XX`, `4XX`, `5XX: function(data, response)` - emitted for all requests with response codes in the range (eg. `2XX` emitted for 200, 201, 203).
* <code><i>actual response code</i>: function(data, response)</code> - emitted for every single response code (eg. 404, 201, etc).
@@ -113,6 +114,7 @@ Also you can use `json()` and `postJson()` methods.
* `multipart` If set the data passed will be formated as `multipart/form-encoded`. See multipart example below. Defaults to `false`.
* `client` A http.Client instance if you want to reuse or implement some kind of connection pooling. Defaults to empty.
* `followRedirects` If set will recursively follow redirects. Defaults to `true`.
+* `timeout` If set, will emit the timeout event when the response does not return within the said value (in ms)
Example usage
@@ -139,6 +141,12 @@ rest.get('').on('complete', function(da
sys.puts(data[0].sounds[0].sound[0].message); // auto convert to object
+rest.get('',{timeout: 10000}).on('timeout' function(ms){
+ sys.puts('did not return within '+ms+' ms');
+ sys.puts('did not time out');
+'', {
data: { id: 334 },
}).on('complete', function(data, response) {
21 lib/restler.js
@@ -206,9 +206,22 @@ mixin(Request.prototype, {
_fireError: function(err, response) {
+ this._fireCancelTimeout();
this.emit('error', err, response);
this.emit('complete', err, response);
+ _fireCancelTimeout: function(){
+ var self = this;
+ if(self.options.timeout){
+ clearTimeout(self.options.timeoutFn);
+ }
+ },
+ _fireTimeout: function(err){
+ this.emit('timeout', err);
+ this.aborted = true;
+ this.timedout = true;
+ this.request.abort();
+ },
_fireSuccess: function(body, response) {
if (parseInt(response.statusCode) >= 400) {
this.emit('fail', body, response);
@@ -221,10 +234,18 @@ mixin(Request.prototype, {
_makeRequest: function() {
var self = this;
+ var timeoutMs = self.options.timeout;
+ if(timeoutMs){
+ self.options.timeoutFn = setTimeout(function(){
+ self._fireTimeout(timeoutMs);
+ },timeoutMs);
+ }
this.request.on('response', function(response) {
+ self._fireCancelTimeout();
self.emit('response', response);
}).on('error', function(err) {
+ self._fireCancelTimeout();
if (!self.aborted) {
self._fireError(err, null);
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