Version History

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  • Allow the callback to error in json parse


  • Support for timeouts (using options.timeout)
  • Migrated to iconv-lite this should make installing on windows painless
  • Added HTTP Code 307 (Temp redirect) to list of redirect codes


  • Now using node-querystring instead of node core qs to support nesting
  • Fixed redirect handling for HTTP status code 303
  • Changed EventEmitter inherits to Node0.10 style
  • Added support for auth without password
  • Updates to tests and documentation
  • Now using the latest dependencies
  • Supports version 0.10.x >


  • Fixes to how errors were omitted
  • Supports 0.6.x >


  • now requires 'util' over 'sys'
  • fixed issue 47 "Uncaught, unspecified 'error' event" when there is no error handler available
  • updated to check for 303 response code as well as 301 and 302
  • Content-Length header considers multi-byte strings
  • fixed file upload fail if more than one POST finishes at the same time