A Docker Compose file to get you started using WordPress via Docker
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A basic Docker Compose file to launch a container for WordPress and a second for MySQL.

  • Launch this with 'docker-compose up'
  • Then connect to http://localhost:8080/ to go through the WordPress installation process.


  • YOU SHOULD CHANGE THE PASSWORDS in the file (but make sure WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD and MYSQL_PASSWORD are the same).
  • You may need to change the port number 8080 if you have some other service running on that port.
  • A "wp-content" directory will be created in your current directory which will hold themes, plugins and other content you add to your WordPress installation.


Credit to @wglambert on Github: https://github.com/docker-library/wordpress/issues/346#issuecomment-435975469

I originally posted a request for a step-by-step tutorial about how to use the 'wordpress' Docker image. wglambert was kind enough to come back with a simple and easy-to-use Docker Compose YAML file.