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Alchemy Server



  • Setup PostgreSQL with a database called alchemy: CREATE DATABASE alchemy;
  • and a user named alchemist with a password of njksdfyuieyui34y: CREATE ROLE alchemist with login password 'njksdfyuieyui34y'; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE alchemy TO alchemist;
  • npm install
  • node ./server/create-lb-tables.js
  • node ./server/migrate.js
  • Add a .env file to the root directory with the following:
  • If you want to support OAuth with Facebook, Twitter and/or GitHub you will need to add consumer client ids and secrets to .env
FACEBOOK_APP_ID={grab from app at
FACEBOOK_APP_SECRET={grab from app at}
TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY={grab from app at}
TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET={grab from app at}
GITHUB_CLIENT_ID={grab from}

If you want to use SSL locally (e.g. to test Facebook OAuth authentication)

  • mkdir ./server/private/
  • Create and install a self-signed certificate locally. We recommend using
  • Move the key created to ./server/private/privatekey.pem and the certificate to ./server/private/certificate.pem
  • You will also need to update the API_URL in the Alchemy Client .env file to API_URL=

Run app locally

  • npm run start
  • Start up the Alchemy Client app



After changing any model definition (.json) files, run: node ./server/migrate.js

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