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Election - DAPP Tutorial

Build your first decentralized application, or Dapp, on the Ethereum Network with this tutorial!

Full Free Video Tutorial:**

2019 Updated Code

Follow the steps below to download, install, and run this project.


Install these prerequisites to follow along with the tutorial. See free video tutorial or a full explanation of each prerequisite.

Step 1. Clone the project

git clone

Step 2. Install dependencies

$ cd election
$ npm install

Step 3. Start Ganache

Open the Ganache GUI client that you downloaded and installed. This will start your local blockchain instance. See free video tutorial for full explanation.

Step 4. Compile & Deploy Election Smart Contract

$ truffle migrate --reset You must migrate the election smart contract each time your restart ganache.

Step 5. Configure Metamask

See free video tutorial for full explanation of these steps:

  • Unlock Metamask
  • Connect metamask to your local Etherum blockchain provided by Ganache.
  • Import an account provided by ganache.

Step 6. Run the Front End Application

$ npm run dev Visit this URL in your browser: http://localhost:3000

If you get stuck, please reference the free video tutorial.


A Decentralized Ethereum Voting Application Tutorial



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