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Dapr SDK for Javascript
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Dapr SDK for Javascript

This is the Dapr SDK for Javascript, based on the auto-generated proto client.

For more info on Dapr and gRPC, visit this link.

This repo generates following package:


Dapr javascript sdk package can be installed as:

npm install dapr-client

Creating the client

var dapr = require('dapr-client');
var messages = dapr.dapr_pb; 
var services = dapr.dapr_grpc;
var grpc = require('grpc');

const PORT = process.env.DAPR_GRPC_PORT || 50001;
var client = new services.DaprClient(`localhost:${PORT}`, grpc.credentials.createInsecure());

For usage, refer to examples/simple/app.js

Running the code locally.

From the root directory:

cd src
npm install

From the root directory:

cd examples/simple
npm install
dapr run --protocol grpc --grpc-port=50001 node app.js

Use the package from local source

From the root directory:

cd examples/simple
npm install ../../src

Creating and publishing the package

From the root directory:

cd src
npm pack
npm publish --access public

Note --access public will publish the package publicly. For all publish options see

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