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node-zip - Zip/Unzip files ported from JSZip


npm install node-zip


Complete example, zip multiple files

var fs = require('fs');
var path = require('path');

// The zip library needs to be instantiated:
var zip = new require('node-zip')();

// You can add multiple files by performing subsequent calls to zip.file();
// the first argument is how you want the file to be named inside your zip,
// the second is the actual data:
zip.file('file1.txt', fs.readFileSync(path.join(__dirname, 'file1.txt')));
zip.file('file2.txt', fs.readFileSync(path.join(__dirname, 'file2.txt')));

var data = zip.generate({ base64:false, compression: 'DEFLATE' });

// it's important to use *binary* encode
fs.writeFileSync('', data, 'binary');

You can also load directly:

var zip = new JSZip(data, options)

Zip text into file:

var zip = new require('node-zip')();

zip.file('test.file', 'hello there');
var data = zip.generate({base64:false,compression:'DEFLATE'});
console.log(data); // ugly data


var zip = new require('node-zip')(data, {base64: false, checkCRC32: true});
console.log(zip.files['test.file']); // hello there

Write to a file (IMPORTANT: use binary encode, thanks to @Acek)

var fs = require("fs");
zip.file('test.txt', 'hello there');
var data = zip.generate({base64:false,compression:'DEFLATE'});
fs.writeFileSync('', data, 'binary');


npm install -g jasmine-node
jasmine-node test


node-zip uses JSZip, please refer to their website for further information:


David Duponchel @dduponchel

Feel free to send your pull requests and contribute to this project