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bfd daily update
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etc PR other/46202: implement install-strip.
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include Enable gdbserver 7.3.x
intl merge from gcc
libdecnumber config/:
libiberty include/
opcodes Implement RDRSEED, ADX and PRFCHW instructions
readline * signals.c (_rl_block_sigwinch, _rl_release_sigwinch): Add
sim sim: bfin: set bfrom alias field to correct size
texinfo * texinfo/texinfo.tex: Update to version 2009-03-28.05.
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COPYING 2005-07-14 Kelley Cook <>
COPYING.NEWLIB 2012-03-09 Jeff Johnston <>
COPYING3.LIB * COPYING3: New file. Contains version 3 of the GNU General Public Li…
MAINTAINERS MAINTAINERS: clarify policy with config/ (and other top level files)
Makefile.def 2011-11-09 Roland McGrath <> 2011-11-09 Roland McGrath <>
Makefile.tpl 2011-11-09 Roland McGrath <>
README Initial revision
README-maintainer-mode Cleanups after the update to Autoconf 2.64, Automake 1.11. Add
compile * Don't handle arc-*-elf*.
config.guess Sync from upstream:
config.rpath Remove freebsd1 from libtool.m4 macros and config.rpath.
config.sub Update config.sub to 2012-04-18 version.
depcomp Update automake-provided files in the toplevel.
djunpack.bat * djunpack.bat: Use ".." quoting in Sed command, for the sake of
install-sh Update automake-provided files in the toplevel.
libtool.m4 Remove freebsd1 from libtool.m4 macros and config.rpath.
ltgcc.m4 * libtool.m4: Update to libtool 2.2.6. Backport from Libtool: Fix relink mode to use absolute path if hardco…
ltoptions.m4 Sync Libtool from GCC.
ltsugar.m4 * libtool.m4: Update to libtool 2.2.6.
ltversion.m4 Sync Libtool from GCC.
lt~obsolete.m4 Sync Libtool from GCC.
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src-release Include the <root>/cpu/ dir in GDB releases
symlink-tree 2005-07-14 Kelley Cook <>
ylwrap Update automake-provided files in the toplevel.


		   README for GNU development tools

This directory contains various GNU compilers, assemblers, linkers, 
debuggers, etc., plus their support routines, definitions, and documentation.

If you are receiving this as part of a GDB release, see the file gdb/README.
If with a binutils release, see binutils/README;  if with a libg++ release,
see libg++/README, etc.  That'll give you info about this
package -- supported targets, how to use it, how to report bugs, etc.

It is now possible to automatically configure and build a variety of
tools with one command.  To build all of the tools contained herein,
run the ``configure'' script here, e.g.:


To install them (by default in /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/lib, etc),
then do:
	make install

(If the configure script can't determine your type of computer, give it
the name as an argument, for instance ``./configure sun4''.  You can
use the script ``config.sub'' to test whether a name is recognized; if
it is, config.sub translates it to a triplet specifying CPU, vendor,
and OS.)

If you have more than one compiler on your system, it is often best to
explicitly set CC in the environment before running configure, and to
also set CC when running make.  For example (assuming sh/bash/ksh):

	CC=gcc ./configure

A similar example using csh:

	setenv CC gcc

Much of the code and documentation enclosed is copyright by
the Free Software Foundation, Inc.  See the file COPYING or
COPYING.LIB in the various directories, for a description of the
GNU General Public License terms under which you can copy the files.

REPORTING BUGS: Again, see gdb/README, binutils/README, etc., for info
on where and how to report problems.
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