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Contributing to LibNyoci

First, thanks for considering contributing to LibNyoci!

In general, there are three types of direct contributions to the project:

  1. Indirect Contributions (Bug Reports and Feature Requests)
  2. Trivial Direct Contributions
  3. Substantial Direct Contributions

Indirect Contributions

Anyone may file a bug report or a feature request to the LibNyoci Issue Tracker.

By submitting a feature request (particularly for novel features), you agree to not assert any patent or copyright infringement claims against the authors or users of the project for implementing the feature you requested.

Trivial Direct Contributions

You make a trivial direct contribution when you file a pull request against the project that addresses any of the following sorts of issues:

  • Misspellings
  • Syntax errors
  • Typos
  • Logic errors where the intended correct behavior was obvious
  • Simple platform build fixes
  • Code style and whitespace corrections

These are the sorts of issues where, if you had filed a bug, the official developer would have solved it in exactly the same manner. More explicitly, if the change could be considered to have any significant creative latitude, then it is not a "Trivial Direct Contribution".

When you submit such a pull request, you are agreeing to make no claim of copyright over the affected code. We allow for such pull requests because it is a convenient way to track and provide attribution for such fixes in release notes.

If this policy is unacceptable, please do not file a pull request for trivial changes and instead file a issue so that one of the official developers address the problem instead.

Substantial Direct Contributions

You make a substantial direct contribution when you file a pull request against LibNyoci that would be considered any of the following:

  • Implementing a new feature
  • Rewriting a paragraph to improve clarity
  • Fixing a non-trivial bug
  • Any change that could be considered to be creative

By making such a contribution, you assert the following:

  1. You wrote these changes in their entirety.
  2. You hold the copyright to the changes.
  3. You agree to irrevocably permit the changes to be distributed under the terms of the project's open-source license.
  4. To the best of your knowledge, there are no legal impediments to including the changes into the master branch of the project.

When making a substantial direct contribution, you may optionally update the Copyright notice to reflect your contribution. When your contribution includes an entirely new file, you should update the copyright line in the license boilerplate to indicate the copyright holder's name.