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essay remove dead code Feb 22, 2012
bytebeat.js Example-converter: Handle stereo formulas. Tweak explanatory text. Dec 14, 2011
glitchparse.html Adding simple HTML frontend to verify that glitchparse.js does indeed… Feb 23, 2012
glitchparse.js reporting results of glitchparse on Martians Feb 23, 2012
nodeglitchparse.js pulled Node-specific stuff out of glitchparse.js so it could conceiva… Feb 23, 2012


You can play with this online at exlains what this is about.

This was derived (with extensive overhauls now) from which, according to, is by Bemmu and viznut.
I've also adapted parts of the wurstcaptures page.

Darius Bacon
Kragen Sitaker