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TBX is a fork of TBS (TinyButStrong) with stronger security, new features, and enhanced performance


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TinyButXtreme (TBX) is a fork of TinyButStrong (TBS) with countless changes which make it incompatible with the original library. Documented below are the major changes that have been made, but know that this is not a complete list due to the active development nature of TBX.


The original reason for this fork is due to TBS inconsistent handling of Unix Timestamps. For example, the Unix Timestamp 20140416 in TBS will be read as a date of 2014-04-16, whereas the Unix Timestamp of 20142000 will be read as 1970-08-22 @ 03:00:00. Within TBX, both of these are handled as the latter case, as no assumptions are made about intended usage of strictly numerical values. From there, development continued to simplify the API, add performance optimizations, remove unused code features, and organize the code base.

Features Removed

  • PHP 5.4 is now the minimum version. All support for previous PHP versions removed. PHP 7.x and HHVM are fully supported.
  • Plugin support entirely removed.
  • Microsoft Office support entirely removed.
  • Most Data Sources removed.
  • onformat= removed.
  • [var] global variables removed.

API Changes

  • All TBS_* constants renamed to TBX_*.
  • Class clsTinyButStrong renamed to tbx.
  • All tbx class constructor optional parameters removed.
  • Rendering templates no longer exits application.
  • Method meth_Misc_Alert has been replaced by Exception tbxException.
  • Numerical values passed into Date functions are always treated as Unix Timestamps.
  • Method MergeField replaced with method field.
  • Method MergeBlock replaced with method block.
  • Method reset added to reset all template states.
  • Method fields added to iterate through an array and call field on each item.
  • Method repeat added to simplify the process of access _P1.
  • Method merge added to iterate through an array and call field or block depending upon data type of each item.
  • Method LoadTemplate replaced with method load.
  • $tbs->Source = $value replaced with method loadString($value).
  • $value = $tbs->Source replaced with method $value = (string) $tbx
  • Method loadArray added to load multiple files into a single template.
  • Method Show replaced with method render.
  • Method renderToString added to output final template to a string instead of stdout/browser.

Template Syntax Changes

  • ope=[STRING FUNCTION] has been replaced with f=[STRING FUNCTION].
  • ope=[MATH FUNCTION] has been extended to include more functions.
  • ope= and f= may be used together on the same value.
  • frm= date formatting replaced by date=.
  • Date formatting now uses PHP's date string syntax instead of a proprietary syntax.
  • strconv= is now an alias of safe=.
  • ifempty no longer issues a warning/error for unset data source keys.
  • magnet no longer issues a warning/error for unset data source keys.

Data Sources

TBS includes a variety of potential data sources to feed information into templates. The majority of these have all been removed. TBX on the other hand supports a very small set of data sources which are listed below.

The main difference is that all database engines supported have been removed, and instead replaced by support for the PHP Universal Database Library (PUDL). This greatly simplifies access to a number of database engines, while also allowing support for new engines without modifying TBX at all.

Additionally, numerous bugs involving PHP objects and Iterator have been fixed.

ope= Changes

  • ope=list removed
  • ope=minv removed
  • ope=attbool removed
  • ope=utf8 removed
  • ope=upper removed
  • ope=lower removed
  • ope=upper1 removed
  • ope=upperw removed
  • ope=max:VALUE unchanged (max between current vs value)
  • ope=mod:VALUE unchanged (current % value)
  • ope=add:VALUE unchanged (current + value)
  • ope=mul:VALUE unchanged (current * value)
  • ope=div:VALUE unchanged (current / value)
  • ope=mok:VALUE unchanged (magnet??)
  • ope=mko:VALUE unchanged (magnet??)
  • ope=nif:VALUE unchanged (if current == value, set current='')
  • ope=msk:VALUE unchanged (replace '*' in current with value)
  • ope=sub:VALUE added (current - value)
  • ope=mdx:VALUE added (value % current)
  • ope=adx:VALUE added (value + current)
  • ope=sbx:VALUE added (value - current)
  • ope=mlx:VALUE added (value * current)
  • ope=dvx:VALUE added (value / current)

function= Added

Execute one or more PHP functions on a given value. Function names are separated by , (commas). Any function not supported by the TBX library directly will be forwarded to the _customFormat($value, $function) method. Inherit from the tbx class and overwrite this method to do application specific function processing of template parameters.

f= and convert= are aliases of function=.

Template Examples:

[item;f=hex] - convert [item] into a hex value
[item;f=upper] - convert [item] into upper case character
[item;f=hex,upper] - convert [item] into a hex value with upper case characters
[item;f=hex,lower] - convert [item] into a hex value with lower case characters

Custom Format Example:


class myAwesomeClass extends tbx {
	function _customFormat(&$value, $function) {
		//Replace the value with 'AWESOME!'
		if ($function === 'awesome') $value = 'AWESOME!';

Complete list of supported functions:

PHP functions supported

Additional functions and aliases supported

  • bin - alias of hex2bin
  • crc32 - shortcut for hash('crc32', $value)
  • crc32b - shortcut for hash('crc32b', $value)
  • hex - alias of bin2hex
  • html - alias of htmlspecialchars
  • lower - alias of strtolower
  • md2 - shortcut for hash('md2', $value)
  • md4 - shortcut for hash('md4', $value)
  • phone - cleans up a phone number (several formats supported)
  • rawid - shortcut for strtolower(rawurlencode(rtrim(substr($value, 0, 20))))
  • rawname - shortcut for strtolower(rawurlencode($value))
  • sha256 - shortcut for hash('sha256', $value)
  • sha384 - shortcut for hash('sha384', $value)
  • sha512 - shortcut for hash('sha512', $value)
  • title - shortcut for ucwords(strtolower($value)) with special handling for certain words
  • unhex - alias of hex2bin
  • upper - alias of strtoupper
  • url - alias of urlencode
  • urlid - shortcut for strtolower(urlencode(rtrim(substr($value, 0, 20))))
  • urlname - shortcut for strtolower(urlencode($value))


TBX is a fork of TBS (TinyButStrong) with stronger security, new features, and enhanced performance








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