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High-Dimensional Sampling Framework

Framework for the high-dimensional sampling challenge of In this framework sampling algorithms can be implemented, allowing for testing against test functions and evaluating their performance.


After having cloned or downloaded the repository, check your the version of python that is run when calling python3

python3 --version

If this version is >=3.6, the package can be installed by running the following command from the project folder:

pip3 install .

If you are running an older version of python than version 3.6 by default, check if a newer version of python is installed on your machine. If not, install this new version. Otherwise, run the pip3 install command from the python command itself. For instance, for python version 3.7, you need to run

python3.7 -m pip install .

Both these installation methods install the package in the main python enrivonment. If you don't have the rights to install in the main python package directory, you can alternatively install the package in your user environment by using the --user argument. For instance:

pip3 install --user .

This installs the HDS package, but not all possible dependencies for the implemented sampling procedures. Depending on which procedures you plan to use, you need to install these as well. Instructions on which dependencies these are, see the Project Wiki.

How to use the package

Documentation on how to use the package can be found on the Project Wiki.


Examples can be found in the examples folder.


The High Dimensional Sampling project is part of the Dark Machines research collective. If you are interested in contributing to the project, please visit the Dark Machines website for more information and the email addresses of the contact persons for this project.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE for more details.