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just a simple jQuery lightbox youtube video plugin
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Youtube Url To FullScreen Video Lightbox

Youtube Url To FullScreen Video Lightbox, that i'll just call YU2FVL, is a jQuery plugin to help you intergrate great youtube videos on your web pages in a simple way.

It keeps the video ratio you want (16/9, 4/3, 21/3...) while scaling to browsers viewport.

  • It's Responsive.
  • It's Lightweight (< 2Ko)
  • Supports any youtube url
  • You can even do some TOTAL FULLSCREEN by setting default paddings to "0"


To install the plugin do the following :

Add the jquery.yu2fvl.css to your project in the <head></head>

<link href="dist/jquery.yu2fvl.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Add the jquery.yu2fvl.js to your project AFTER loading jQuery

<script src="/dist/jquery.yu2fvl.js"></script>

You can find both files in dist/ with the js minified or You can find both files in src/ with the js' original code

Build (only if you want to play around with the code)

To build just open your console in the folder and run "gulp" after your changes on the files in the SRC folder


Very simple : target an anchor, apply the plugin.

<a class="play-1" href="">Play my video</a>

<script> $('.play-1').yu2fvl(); </script>

You can also directly pass a youtube video id to the plugin

<button class="play-1">Play my video</button>

<script> $('.play-1').yu2fvl({ vid: 'QImBolnTVH8' }); </script>

To auto-open a video on page load with an element to trigger it back later

<a class="play-1" href="">Play my video</a>

<script> $('.play-1').yu2fvl({ open: true }); </script>

To auto-open a video on page load just once : vid (youtube video id) option is required

<script> $.yu2fvl({ vid: 'AbTUw7aTITg', open: true }); </script>

All this works perfectly with different anchors on the same selector with different href

<a class="play-1" href="">Play my video</a>

<a class="play-2" href="">Play my video</a>

<a class="play-3" href="">Play my video</a>

<a class="play-4" href="">Play my video</a>


<script> $('.play-1, .play-2, .play-3, .play-4').yu2fvl(); </script>

The various youtube url formats acceptable :


minPaddingX: 50, // the space you want on *top and bottom when centering the video (value is divided by 2)

minPaddingY: 50, // the space you want on *left and right when centering the video (value is divided by 2)

ratio: 16/9, // choose the ration you want for your video

cssClass: "yu2fvl", // set a namespace / global css class

overlayCssClass: "-overlay", // give a suffix css class for the overlay

iframeCssClass: "-iframe", // give a suffix css class for the iframe

closeCssClass: "-close", // give a suffix css class for the close button

closeText: "X", // give some text for the close button

vid: false // set directly a youtube video id (though using an anchor is cool for SEO !)

t: 0 // sets time start of the video in seconds (60 = 1 minute)

open: false // Open the lightbox immediately from JavaScript. Requires vid to be set to work properly.


  1. Fork it!
  2. Create your feature branch: git checkout -b my-new-feature
  3. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  4. Push to the branch: git push origin my-new-feature
  5. Submit a pull request :D

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