FUSE module for .dmg files (containing an HFS+ filesystem)
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This project allows ordinary users to directly mount OS X disk images under Linux via FUSE. darling-dmg is part of Darling - http://www.darlinghq.org

Without darling-dmg, the only way to do this would be to manually extract the DMG file, become root and mount the HFS+ filesystem as root. This is slow, wasteful and may even crash your system. The project's author has seen the Linux HFS+ implementation cause kernel crashes.

Supported file types

  • DMG (UDIF) files containing an Apple Disk Image.
  • Apple Disk Images containing an HFS+/HFSX file system.
  • HFS+/HFSX file systems (incl. file systems embedded within HFS).

This means, darling-dmg can mount DMG files or unpacked DMG files or a single partition carved out of the latter.

Read only access only.

Build Requirements

You need the development packages for following libraries: fuse, icu, openssl, zlib, bzip2.


darling-dmg <file-to-mount> <where-to-mount> [FUSE arguments]

Accessing resource forks

Resource forks are available via xattrs (extended attributes) or preferably under the name /original/filename#..namedfork#rsrc.


Some people have had success with using darling-dmg as a library for their own use.