Version 2.5

@darold darold released this Apr 27, 2016 · 73 commits to master since this release

2016-04-27 - Version 2.5 released

This release is a major release that fix some issues reported by users over past year and a full replacement of the flotr2 javascript chart library with jqplot.

There's also some new interesting reports:

  • Add report for hash indexes.
  • Keep track of pg_settings and database/roles settings changes and show diff in the the reports.
  • Add report of pending restart in pg settings view.
  • Add information about percentage of timed against requested checkpoints.
  • Split database menu in submenu per set of 10 databases.
  • Add report of tables without indexes and tables with more than five indexes.
  • Add report about invalid index after concurrency build.
  • Add report of system and PostgreSQL uptime.
  • Add report of last statistics reset per database and report of last autovacuum and autoanalyze.
  • Add report of bgwriter last statistics reset in Home/Cluster view.
  • Add a non default configuration settings report.

and useful features:

  • Autodetect timezone from csv data files and automatic adjustment of chart axis.
  • Add systemd start script.
  • Add collect of crontab information.
  • Add support to daylight saving.
  • Add compatibility with PostgreSQL 9.5
  • Add ablity to export plots data as csv
  • Set legend table outside the graph.
  • Display specific titles and description for overall graphs.

Note that a CGI script have been added to be able to perform temporal lookup in incremental pgCluu statistics, with predefined year, month, day and hour views. This is a work in progress, it will be available in next major release.

Upgrade: you can safely override previous installation, backward compatibility with 2.4 version is preserved.

See changelog for the complete list of changes in this release.