Garmin Connect IQ application to record resting heart rate
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Snapshot Resting Heart Rate

Snapshot Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is an application for the Forerunner 235 and 735XT you can use to record your resting heart rate history over time.

Snapshot RHR will first activate the heart rate monitor and buzz once it has a lock. Your current heart rate will then be shown by the upper-left number. Pressing start on the watch (top-right button) will cause another buzz and begin a 1-minute countdown timer. During this time your lowest heart rate will be shown by the upper-right number. When the timer has finished you’ll feel a final buzz and this number will turn green and be recorded into the history. 31 past measurements are kept.

The lower half of the screen shows your RHR history via several pages, selectable with the up/down keys. The first page is a graph of every value stored. Subsequent pages show the day/date/time and value of each of these individually.

Only one RHR value is recorded per session, so if you’re not happy just hit start again. If you want to record another to the history exit and restart the app. Pressing and holding the up key will delete the last measured RHR history value in case you don’t want it.

Snapshot Watch can be downloaded to your device here: