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Semi-Analytic Galaxy Evolution (SAGE)


SAGE is a publicly available code-base for modelling galaxy formation in a cosmological context. A description of the model and its default calibration results can be found in Croton et al. (2016). These calibration results can also be explored in an iPython notebook showcasing the key figures here. SAGE is a significant update to that previously used in Croton et al. (2006).

SAGE is written in C and was built to be modular and customisable. It will run on any N-body simulation whose trees are organised in a supported format and contain a minimum set of basic halo properties. For testing purposes, treefiles for the mini-Millennium Simulation are available here. SAGE should compile on most systems out of the box, its only dependency being GSL.

Galaxy formation models built using SAGE on the Millennium, Bolshoi and GiggleZ simulations can be downloaded at the Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory (TAO). You can also find SAGE on

Questions and comments can be sent to Darren Croton:


Home of the Semi-Analytic Galaxy Evolution (SAGE) galaxy formation model



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