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This application shows how to receive barcode scans via an Intent through the DataWedge service on Zebra mobile computing devices with a Xamarin application. Compare this with the Previous example which showed how this is done with an Android app.

Preparation: Configure DataWedge

You need to configure DataWedge on your device to output scans via Intent

  1. Launch DataWedge via Applications --> DataWedge
  2. Select 'Profile0 (default)'. Note that this is the default Profile DataWedge uses, if you have configured a profile specifically for this app then select that instead.
  3. Ensure:
  • The Profile is Enabled
  • Barcode input is Enabled
  • Intent output is Enabled
  1. Configure the Intent output as follows:

Datawedge Configuration

The application

Launch the application


Scan a barcode. The read barcode should be shown on the UI