Building Dart SDK for ARM processors

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The Dart VM runs on a variety of ARM processors on Linux and Android. This document explains how to build the Dart VM and SDK to target these platforms. More detailed platform-specific information can be found under Android and Raspberry Pi.


If you are building natively on the device you will be running on, you can skip this step. The build scripts download a cross-compilation toolchain using clang, so you do not need to install a cross-compiler yourself.


Follow instructions under "One-time Setup" under Android



On Ubuntu, simply do:

$ ./tools/ -m release -a arm create_sdk

You can also produce only a Dart VM runtime, no SDK, by replacing create_sdk with runtime. This process involves also building a VM that targets ia32, which is used to generate a few parts of the SDK.

You can use a different toolchain using the -t switch. For example, if the path to your gcc is /path/to/toolchain/prefix-gcc, then you'd invoke the build script with:

$ ./tools/ -m release -a arm -t /path/to/toolchain/prefix create_sdk

The default clang cross-compiler toolchain will target ARMv7 processors. The Dart VM also supports ARMv6 (e.g. RaspberryPi), and has experimental support ARMv5TE processors (e.g. Lego Mindstorm). For those processors, you will need to provide your own compiler toolchain.

You can also build a Dart VM and SDK supporting arm64 processors:

$ ./tools/ -m release -a arm64 -t /path/to/arm64/toolchain/prefix create_sdk


The standalone Dart VM can also target Android. For ARM devices:

$ ./tools/ -m release -a arm --os=android create_sdk

and ARM64 devices:

$ ./tools/ -m release -a arm64 --os=android create_sdk

For all of these configurations, the runtime only can be built using the runtime target as above.

Debian Packages

You can create Debian packages targeting ARM as follows:

$ ./tools/
$ ./tools/ -a {armhf, armel} [-t /path/to/cross/toolchain/prefix]

If you are on Ubuntu, and no -t switch is given, you'll get a Debian package targeting ARMv7. The argument to the -a switch should be appropriate for the platform you are targeting.

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