The Dart SDK, including the VM, dart2js, core libraries, and more.
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aam and [vm] Revert "Restore TLABs."
This reverts commit 7e1aa67 as this
regresses flutter stock_layout_iterations by about ~9% on Moto G4.

Fixes #35694

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Latest commit 324718f Jan 17, 2019
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.github Fix probot configuration to point to the "needs-info" label. Dec 20, 2018
build [build] Enable mitigations for Cortex-A53 Erratum #843419 bug. Jan 15, 2019
client Remove old annotated_steps buildbot scripts and dispatcher May 23, 2017
docs Integrating into dartLangSpec.tex Jan 17, 2019
pkg Update AstBuilder to build spread collection AST structures Jan 18, 2019
runtime [vm] Revert "Restore TLABs." Jan 18, 2019
samples-dev fix some typos Oct 10, 2018
samples Revert "[gardening] mark sample_extension_test as error" Dec 10, 2018
sdk [vm] Enable timeline on Fuchsia even in product mode. Jan 18, 2019
tests [vm] Cleanup Dart_Get/Set/HasStickyError API and use isolate's sticky… Jan 17, 2019
third_party Roll tcmalloc to e9ab4c53041ac62feefbbb076d326e9a77dd1567. Dec 13, 2018
tools Remove --fast-startup flag support from testing scripts and status files Jan 16, 2019
utils [dartdevc] remove unused `dartdevk` binary, fixes #35483 Jan 4, 2019
.clang-format VM: Re-format to use at most one newline between functions Jul 13, 2017
.gitattributes Remove the Dart 1 tests. Oct 11, 2018
.gitconfig [infra] Add documentation to .gitconfig Jun 11, 2018
.gitignore [tools] repurpose to Jan 4, 2019
.gn Starting work on full GN build Sep 23, 2016
.mailmap fix my name in .mailmap Sep 11, 2018
.packages Remove pkg:tuple from DEPS Dec 13, 2018
.vpython [infra] Add .vpython spec to fix gsutil on the bots (#31065) Oct 11, 2018
AUTHORS Add Cristian Almstrand to AUTHORS Jul 16, 2015 [VM] Remove 'corelib' and 'dart-io' sources generation into C++ arrays Oct 2, 2018 Exposes a thin layer over getsockopt/setsockopt for supported platforms. Jan 17, 2019 Change wiki link to follow contents moved. Jan 12, 2019
DEPS Exposes a thin layer over getsockopt/setsockopt for supported platforms. Jan 17, 2019
LICENSE Remove the Dromaeo and TodoMVC samples. Jan 11, 2016
PATENTS Move LICENSE, AUTHORS, PATENTS into the dart directory. Feb 10, 2014 [vm] Decouple growable_array.h and zone.h from thread.h Jan 11, 2019
README.dart-sdk remove docgen from the sdk Sep 18, 2015 [gardening] Whitespace change to trigger bots. Apr 28, 2017
WATCHLISTS [vm/compiler] Add VM Compiler Team WATCHLIST Nov 23, 2018
codereview.settings Update codereview.settings to Gerrit ( Sep 4, 2017
dartdoc_options.yaml Add a 'Core' category for doc generation. Jun 7, 2018


Dart is an open-source, scalable programming language, with robust libraries and runtimes, for building web, server, and mobile apps.

Using Dart

Visit the to learn more about the language, tools, getting started, and more.

Browse for more packages and libraries contributed by the community and the Dart team.

Building Dart

If you want to build Dart yourself, here is a guide to getting the source, preparing your machine to build the SDK, and building.

There are more documents on our wiki.

Contributing to Dart

The easiest way to contribute to Dart is to file issues.

You can also contribute patches, as described in Contributing.

License & patents