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homebrew-dart Build Status

Homebrew tap for DART and its dependencies.

How do I install these formulae?

Without tapping

brew install dartsim/dart/<formula>

With tapping

Dependency and main source code formulae are available by adding this repository as a tap to your local homebrew installation:

brew tap dartsim/dart
brew install <formula>

If you need to drop the tap due to compatability issues, or are very particular about keeping a clean homebrew installation, you can untap this repo:

brew untap dartsim/dart

But note that you will not be able to upgrade any currently installed software from this tap.

Using URL

brew install https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dartsim/homebrew-dart/master/Formula/<formula>.rb

But note that you will not receive updates.


brew help, man brew or check Homebrew's documentation.