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A CPU Raytracer
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zaphod - A CPU Raytracer

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This project is intented as a learning experience. Both to brush up my 3D math skills as well as practice writing a piece of software in C++. Currently it runs on Windows and requires the VS2015 runtime. I may port it to other platforms later.

May aim is it to implement a functional 3D renderer using raytracing. This includes soft shadows, mesh lights, textured models and some more. I'll also try to keep all that in realtime, though I might sacrifice that constraint in exchange for cool features.

Download data (examples scenes) here:

###"Screenshot of the Week"### Buddah


Hard Shadows May 9th 13: Hard shadows

Point Lights May 9th 13: Point lights

Reflections May 10th 13: Reflections

Refraction May 14th 13: Refractions

Transparent Shadows May 21st 13: Transparent shadows

Glossy Reflections March 14th 14: Glossy Reflections

Meshes July 30th 14: Meshes and multi sampling

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