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Transport adapter for fetching file:// URLs with the requests python library
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Requests-File is a transport adapter for use with the Requests Python library to allow local filesystem access via file:// URLs.

To use:

import requests
from requests_file import FileAdapter

s = requests.Session()
s.mount('file://', FileAdapter())

resp = s.get('file:///path/to/file')


  • Will open and read local files
  • Might set a Content-Length header
  • That's about it

No encoding information is set in the response object, so be careful using Response.text: the chardet library will be used to convert the file to a unicode type and it may not detect what you actually want.

EACCES is converted to a 403 status code, and ENOENT is converted to a 404. All other IOError types are converted to a 400.


Contributions welcome! Feel free to open a pull request against


To maximise compatibility with Requests, this code is licensed under the Apache license. See LICENSE for more details.

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