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Dash Evolution

Dash Evolution (Visit Dashpay instead to see up to date repos)

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Most repositories in the Dashevo GitHub organization have been archived as active development shifted to

Previously, all development related to Dash Platform happened under the dashevo GitHub organization. These repositories have since moved to the DashPay organization. This was done to consolidate all Dash-related activity under one organization.

Vist our website to know more about Dash.

See the Dash Platform documentation for further information about Dash's Web3 platform.

Popular repositories

  1. js-dash-sdk Public archive

    DEPRECATED Dash client-side library for wallet payment/signing and application development. (Wallet, DAPI, Primitives, BLS, ...)

    TypeScript 37 23

  2. dapi Public archive

    DEPRECATED A decentralized API for the Dash network

    JavaScript 17 11

  3. js-drive Public archive

    DEPRECATED Replicated state machine for Dash Platform

    JavaScript 14 3

  4. GitHub Action to load buildkit state from cache

    JavaScript 13 4

  5. wallet-lib Public archive

    DEPRECATED A pure and extensible JavaScript Wallet Library for Dash

    JavaScript 12 15

  6. dashmate Public archive

    DEPRECATED Distribution package for Dash Masternode installation

    JavaScript 11 13


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