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Dash Website


We are using Jekyll to generate the static html files.

Requirements (mac)


(If you have nvm, do nvm install && nvm use first.)

Simply run npm install to install all dependencies. This will also run bundle install on postinstall to install all ruby gems.

CI Note: The Gems must also be installed on the CI server.

Mac Note: Bundler will try to install the dependency nokogiri. If you are using a Mac, and run into issues related to nokogiri during bundle install, do the following:

xcode-select --install

gem install nokogiri

Then run bundle install


(If you still have a _plugins/jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin directory in your root folder, you will need to remove it.)


npm start or npm run watch to build to the _site directory whenever a file is changed and serve via localhost:3000

Production Build

Production builds should be handled by CI.

npm run build will build a fully minified, mangled, and compressed build to the _site directory.

npm run htmlproof will run ImageCheck, ScriptCheck, and LinkCheck on the built "_site" folder "*.html" files. Travis CI will not deploy unless this command finishes successfully!

Mac xcode-select --install gem install nokogiri


Language variables are set in /_i18n/*.yml files. The master language file is /_i18n/en.yml. All other languages should use that file as a base.

Writing Content

Almost all of the content is defined as a variable in the /_i18n/*.yml files. There will be a separate yml file for each language that is supported. The master

Content should be written with little to no html. Do not wrap the content in <p></p> tags. If you need separate paragraphs, use two line breaks. For example:

Paragraph one

Paragraph two

Will render as:

<p>Paragraph one</p>
<p>Paragraph two</p>

Displaying Content


To output a variable to a template use: {% t key %} or {% translate key %}


To output a variable to a template as markdown use: {% tmd key %} or {% translatemd key %}


i18n files can be saved in their corresponding directories under /_i18n/

To include a file use: {% tf pagename/ %} or {% translate_file pagename/ %}

Writing a Blog Post

Blog posts can be written in MarkDown (.md) or HTML (.html).

Posts need to be saved in the _posts directory and the filename must always start with YYYY-MM-DD-

For example:

Front matter

The top page of every post should contain the following (Example):

author: perry
layout: post
image: /assets/images/2016/05/Node40-banner.jpg
title: New website for Node40
description: Check out the new website for Node40

Blog Post Images

Image paths for blogs are currently relative to /assets/img/blog by default. If we replaced the image path from the front matter above with:

    image: MyImage.jpg

... will look for "MyImage.jpg" in the /assets/img/blog folder.